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What makes us glow!

Glow Letter Specifications

Our letters are carefully crafted in-house by our design engineers

We use the latest technology to constantly innovate our letter design and create their unique design so that your event will stand out like no other!


  • Height - 115 cm

  • Width - 77 cm

  • Thickness - 2.5 cm

  • Base - 27.5 x 80 cm


  • Silicon molded RGB LED Strip

  • Multi colour LED controllers with 12 selectable modes

  • High capacity LED power supply capable of supporting multiple letters

What sets us apart from the rest

Additional Features

Any Time & Place

Any Time & Place

No job is too big or too small for the Glow Letter team, in fact, we guarantee availability if your event is booked 2 weeks in advance of your event date.

Custom builds

Custom builds

We are always adding to our library of letters and symbols. If we don't have what you're looking for, why not do a custom build? From logos to your favourite instrument.

Remote control

Remote control

Our remote control puts the power in your hands. No need to stick to one colour the whole night, or maybe you want to get a strobe effect going once the party starts!

DMX Control

DMX Control

DMX allows for full configuration control of letter colours and timing, which allows for special effects and light transitions beyond our wide range of standard effects.

Still Curious?

Get in touch and we'll answer any burning questions about how our letters